The LUBIZ is the new board entirely dedicated to surfing. Amateur of powerful bottoms and rollers, this new high-performance shape excels in surfing and will be the ideal weapon for any surfer demand. Its favorite terrain: medium to strong waves!

Its pronounced rocker combined with a well-defined concave until the tip, allow the LUBIZ to chain radical turns to bottoms and rollers with ease and perfect control.

 Particularly comfortable strapless, this board has excellent control in all circumstances and will allow you to evolve with great ease even in the conditions of strong winds and very choppy conditions!

 In the end, the LUBIZ confirms a high level of surfing but remains thanks to its great comfort a very easy board which will satisfy both the engaged surfers and the beginner in no-strap!

 The LUBIZ is available in two versions:

 - white version strapless, delivered without inserts and without front pads, for the fans of the no-strap

- yellow version, with inserts and front pads, which can be used in strapless or with footstraps of the choice



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5’7 (170 cm) x 18 1/8 (46 cm) x 2 1/16 : 23,3 liters / 3,4 kg

5’9 (175 cm) x 18 3/8 (46,7 cm) x 2 1/16 : 24,3 liters / 3,5kg

Weight can vary from +/-5%


Honey Comb -dual Sandwich-

Technology using a double skin sandwich honeycomb / PVC for maximum compression strength while ensuring durability qualities, incredible lightness and nervousness!


Ultra durable and resistant box. FSC compatible so you can have a wide range of fins choices, available anywhere in the world!


Slight compression dings can occur around the heel area, this is normal on any board and over the long haul it stabilizes itself. Using footstraps can increase this phenomenon.