The PHANTOM is the developed board for an exclusive kite foil practice. Because of these characteristics and its shape, this board will allow you to exploit, at your level, the full potential of your foil!

The shape of the PHANTOM is the result of many hours of navigation spent in the hands of top practitioners but also of beginners in learning. The result is a shape that is both very efficient, well balanced and very tolerant.

For fliers looking for speed and madness, you will have the weapon to exploit the full potential of your foil through the perfect balance of the PHANTOM and its ability to take the angle.

The pronounced front spatula combined with large lateral chamfers ensure comfort and safety and the toes are easily absorbed smoothly


The PHANTOM has 2 box systems: Kfbox and rails US box allowing to adapt a large choice of foils present on the market!

Leach Plug and Camera Plug

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143 cm x 47 cm: 20,5 litres / 3,6 kg

 142 cm x 44,7 cm: 20 litres / 3,5 kg

Weight can  vary  from +/- 5 %


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